Threads of Time: Textiles & Historic Objects

July, 2013 to October, 2013

On display are 19th century masterpieces by Navajo weavers including a Classic Period Third Phase Chief's Blanket, a unique Germantown Pictorial and an exemplary Classic Spider Woman Serape.

Also exhibited are historic paintings with iconic images of the American West by E.I. Couse, Birger Sandzen, Bert Geer Phillips and Charles Partridge Adams.

There is also a vast assortment of 19th century Plains beadwork, Southwest Baskets and historic Pueblo pottery.  20th century offerings include early kachina dolls and Trading Post rugs. 

The exhibit will be on display through September 14, 2013, however, some of the objects will be revolving between the gallery in Denver and the Whitehawk Shows in Santa Fe during the month of August.