Edward Goldman, "Homage to Vasarely", acrylic, December 1974
Homage to Vasarely, December 1974
signed and dated bottom center
90 ½ x 90 ½ inches
Reference: 18429
Edward (Eduardo) Arcenio Chavez, "Ocate (New Mexico)", oil, 1958-1960 for sale purchase consign auction denver Colorado art gallery museum
Ocate (New Mexico), 1958-1960
signed lower left
50 x 48 inches
Reference: 23384
Janet Lippincott, "Untitiled", oil fine art for sale purchase buy sell auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum, 1957
Broken Sea Wall, 1957
signed upper right, titled and dated verso
48 x 18 inches
Reference: 21277
Marathon, 1982
mixed media,
signed lower right
54 x 54 x 1 inches
Reference: 21318
New Mexico modern, American modernist painting, original oil painting, abstract oil painting, framed original artwork, 1950s original artwork
Untitled (New Mexico Abstraction), circa 1950
signed lower right
50 x 38 inches
Reference: 24611
abstract 1960s artwork, original 1960s painting, 3D canvas painting, framed original artwork, american modernist, Colorado 15 artist group
Blue On Blue #1, 1965
signed, dated and titled verso, Whitney Museum label verso
26 x 26 x 3 ¼ inches
Reference: 24753
Margo Hoff, "Untitled IV", mixed media, circa 1985
Untitled IV, circa 1985
mixed media,
54 x 48 inches
Reference: 21322
White on White #4, December 31, 1965
signed, titled, and dated verso
58 x 58 inches
Reference: 26217
Ethel Magafan, "Secluded River", tempera
Secluded River
signed lower left
27 x 50 inches
Reference: 17926
Robert Wolfe, "City of the Forest", oil, 1957 mid century modern abstract painting art gallery for sale
City of the Forest, 1957
signed on verso
48 x 60 inches
Reference: 19782
abstract mountain landscape, original framed oil painting 1970s oil painting, mid century landscape broadmoor academy artist
End of the Meadow (Semi Abstract Colorado Mountain Landscape), 1971
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
28 ¼ x 40 inches
Reference: 25013
Ethel Magafan, "Last of the Snows (Colorado)", tempera painting for sale purchase auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum
Last of the Snows (Colorado), 1984
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
24 x 48 inches
Reference: 20801
Emil James Bisttram, "Still Life", oil, 1957
Still Life, 1957
signed and dated lower right
36 x 27 inches
Reference: 16358
Untitled (Abstract with Blue & Yellow)
signed upper right
28 x 40 inches
Reference: 23202
Irene Rice Pereira, "The Spirit of Air", oil on canvas, c. 1950 abstract modernist painting for sale purchase art gallery
The Spirit of Air, circa 1950
signed lower right
50 x 36 inches
Reference: 7166
Vance Hall Kirkland, "Colorado From The Air", watercolor on paper, 1952
Colorado From The Air, 1952
signed and dated lower left
29 ¾ x 22 inches
Reference: 17032