Ethel Magafan, "Quiet Water", mixed media tempera painting fine art for sale purchase buy sell auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum
Quiet Water
mixed media,
signed lower left, titled and signed verso
23 x 33 inches
Reference: 24570
Untitled (Mountain Landscape)
signed lower left
27 ½ x 19 inches
Reference: 18104
Werner Drewes, "Mountain Lake (Colorado)", oil, 1961
Mountain Lake, 1961
signed lower left, dated lower right, titled on stretcher verso
24 x 18 inches
Reference: 14025
Peppino Gino Mangravite, "Still Life with Cactus on Table", oil on canvas, 1928
Still Life with Cactus on Table, 1928
signed lower left
20 1/2" x 30"
Reference: 10621
William Sanderson, "Spring in a Mining Town (Colorado)", oil painting for sale purchase consign sell buy Denver Colorado art gallery museum auction historic antique old
Spring in a Mining Town (Colorado)
signed lower left
14 x 18 inches
Reference: 21228
Morning Train (Soldier's Farewell), 1943
pencil signed lower right
9 ½ x 13 ¼ inches
Reference: 19407
Rotation, 2006
signed and dated lower right
26 x 31 ½ inches
Reference: 19350
William Sanderson, "The Hombre", oil, circa 1980
The Hombre, circa 1980
signed lower left
11 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches
Reference: 20409
Frank Mechau, "Oil and the Old West", graphite, circa 1945 painting fine art for sale purchase buy sell auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum
Oil and the Old West, circa 1945
signed lower right, titled verso
11 ¼ x 21 ¼ inches
Reference: 24785
Charles Ragland Bunnell, "The Way War First Comes", watercolor on paper, 1940 painting for sale
The Way War First Comes, 1940
signed and dated lower right
15 ½ x 25 inches
Reference: 12904
Ethel Magafan, "Rocky Gorge", watercolor, circa 1955 woodstock artist colorado landscape modernism abstract tempera
Rocky Gorge, circa 1955
signed lower left, titled verso
19 ½ x 13 inches
Reference: 19070
William Sanderson, "Dusk #2", oil on canvas, 1982
Dusk #2, 1982
signed lower left
16 x 18 inches
Reference: 15623
Frank Joseph Vavra, "Storm Clouds Over Santa Fe", oil, c. 1940
Storm Clouds Over Santa Fe, circa 1940
signed lower right, titled verso
15 ¾ x 19 ? inches
Reference: 15510
Margo Hoff, "Mandance", mixed media painting for sale purchase auction consign denver colorado art gallery museum
Mandance, 1975
mixed media,
signed lower right
30 x 36 inches
Reference: 21143
Ward Lockwood, "The Plaza Taos", etching, 1928 graphic print litho
The Plaza Taos, 1928
signed and dated lower right, titled lower left
5 x 7 inches
Reference: 17475
Nellie Augusta Knopf, "Hopi Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona", oil, c. 1925
Hopi Point, Grand Canyon, Arizona, circa 1925
signed lower right "N.H. Knopf", titled verso
12 x 16 inches
Reference: 17965