Sven Birger Sandzen, "Iceberg Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado", oil, 1930
Iceberg Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 1930
signed lower left, titled and dated verso
12 x 14 inches
Reference: 15015
sandzén,, Sven Birger Sandzen, "Untitled (Still Life with Flowers and Fruit)", oil, 1913
Untitled (Still Life with Flowers and Fruit), 1913
signed and dated upper left
17 ¾ x 12 inches
Reference: 12501
Birger Sandzen, "Kansas Stream (Graham County, Kansas)", oil painting for sale denver colorado art gallery museum auction consign sell buy
Kansas Stream (Graham County, Kansas), 1943
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
24 x 30 inches
Reference: 21670
Anna Elizabeth Keener, "The Good Earth", oil, 1952 painting for sale purchase consign auction art gallery denver colorado historical
The Good Earth, 1952
signed lower right
20 ¼ x 24 inches
Reference: 20717
Sven Birger Sandzen, "Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park, Colorado", oil, 1932
Big Thompson Canyon, Estes Park, Colorado, 1932
signed lower left
12 x 14 inches
Reference: 10289
Dorothy Eugenie Brett, "An Evening at Dances", oil on canvas, 1948
An Evening at Dances, 1948
signed and dated lower right, titled verso
30 ½ x 18 ¾ inches
Reference: 15804
Explosions on a Sun 12 Billion Light Years from Earth, 1980
mixed media,
signed and dated lower left, titled verso
22 x 22 inches
Reference: 21660
Barbara Latham, "Getting Ready for the Rabbit Hunt", oil on canvas, c. 1955
Getting Ready for the Rabbit Hunt, circa 1955
signed lower right
20 x 30 inches
Reference: 12806
sandzén, Sven Birger Sandzen, "Pond with Willows", oil, 1926
Pond with Willows, 1926
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
10 x 12 inches
Reference: 17009
Jan Matulka, "Untitled Abstraction (No. 68)", oil, c. 1932
Untitled Abstraction (No. 68), circa 1932
signed lower right, estate stamped verso
22 ? x 19 ¼ inches
Reference: 13679
Ross Eugene Braught, "Untitled (Hills and Rocks)", oil on canvas, c. 1935 painting for sale
Untitled (Hills an12753d Rocks), circa 1935
signed lower center
30 x 36 ¼ inches
Reference: 12753
Charles Partridge Adams, "Untitled (Spanish Peaks, Colorado)", oil, c. 1910 painting for sale
Untitled (Spanish Peaks, Colorado), circa 1910
signed lower left
24 x 36 inches
Reference: 12097
Frank B. Hoffman, "Self Portrait On Horseback", oil on canvas
Self Portrait On Horseback
signed lower right
24 x 30 inches
Reference: 16989
Sven Birger Sandzen, "Autumn Gold, Smoky Hill River, Kansas", oil, 1944
Autumn Gold, Smoky Hill River, Kansas, 1944
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
20 x 24 inches
Reference: 15831
Eve Drewelowe, "Divide Diminuendo", oil, d. 1938 Eve van Ek
Divide Diminuendo, 1938
signed lower left
38 ¼ x 32 ¼ inches
Reference: 6306
Descending Waters
signed lower left
48 x 46 inches
Reference: 19643