Rio Grande Serape, Germantown Wool

Rio Grande Serape, Germantown Wool
circa 1880
wool with aniline dyes
88 ½ x 47 ¾ inches
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Additional Information 

Antique Rio Grande Saltillo Sarape, circa 1880, hand woven of Germantown yarns in colors of red, green, golden yellow, blue, and white in a diamond pattern, fringed at either end. Ready to hang on the wall with custom velcro mount (fully removable). The Rio Grande style of serape developed in the Southwestern United States in present day New Mexico and was inspired by Mexican Saltillo Serapes (Sarapes). This textile was woven in the last quarter of the 19th century (1875-1900) by by Ophelia S. Gonzalez and is dedicated to Thomas Gonzales (as indicated by the initials in corner)

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