Ethel Magafan, "Cascade", tempera, 1972
Cascade, 1972
signed lower left, titled verso
48 x 36 inches
Reference: 18195
Vance Hall Kirkland, "Flying in Colorado", oil, 1943
Flying in Colorado, 1943
signed lower left
24 x 30 inches
Reference: 20156
Vance Hall Kirkland, "Untitled", watercolor on paper, 1947
Untitled, 1947
signed and dated lower left
31 x 22 ½ inches
Reference: 16267
Ethel Magafan, "Canyon Falls", tempera on board, c. 1950
Canyon Falls, circa 1950
signed lower right, titled verso
59 ? x 39 ? inches
Reference: 16262
Charles Partridge Adams, "Pike's Peak in Early Spring - From the Valley of the Monument Creek", oil, c. 1915 painting for sale
Pike's Peak in Early Spring - From the Valley of the Monument Creek, circa 1915
signed lower left
12 x 18 inches
Reference: 13774
Birger Sandzen, "Coronado Heights (Kansas)", oil painting for sale denver colorado art gallery museum auction consign sell buy
Coronado Heights (Kansas), 1952
signed lower right, titled and dated verso
15 x 17 ¼ inches
Reference: 21622
The Mosquito Trail, Rocky Mountains of Colorado, 1875
signed, dated and titeld within plate lower right
10 x 14 ¼ inches
Reference: 18824
Olaf Carl Wieghorst, "Cowman", oil, c. 1927
Cowman, circa 1927
signed lower right
20 x 16 inches
Reference: 18065
Eric James Bransby, "The Old Fiddler (Old Chris)", tempera, 1940, painting art gallery for sale purchase
The Old Fiddler (Old Chris), 1940
signed lower right
20 x 24 inches
Reference: 19465
Charles Partridge Adams, "Untitled (Longs Peak from near Estes Park, Colorado)", oil, c. 1910
Untitled (Longs Peak from near Estes Park, Colorado), circa 1910
signed lower left
16 x 24 ? inches
Reference: 16496
Charles Ragland Bunnell, "Untitled (Mountain Landscape {For Larry Heller})", oil, c. 1935 painting for sale
Untitled (Mountain Landscape {For Larry Heller}), circa 1935
signed lower right
12 x 16 inches
Reference: 10719
Unknown Space 17, 1959
signed and dated lower left, titled verso
33 x 33 inches
Reference: 20647
Sven Birger Sandzen, "Untitled (Colorado)", oil, c. 1915
Untitled (Colorado Mountains), circa 1916
signed lower right
12 x 18 ¼ inches
Reference: 18911
Howard Behling Schleeter, "The Road, El Camino (New Mexico)", oil, October, 1938
The Road, El Camino (New Mexico), October, 1938
signed and dated lower right, titled verso
16 x 20 inches
Reference: 14274
Charles Partridge Adams, "Evening, Early November", oil, c. 1900 painting for sale
Evening, Early November, circa 1900
signed lower left
14 x 20
Reference: 12096
Laverne Nelson Black, "Untitled (Indian woman on horseback)", oil, 1935
Untitled (Indian woman on horseback), 1935
signed lower left
12 ½ x 10 ½ inches
Reference: 8478